Stress-Related Mitochondrial Components and Mitochondrial Genome as Targets of Anticancer Therapy


Corresponding authors: Sergio Giannattasio and Loredana Moro,;


In addition to their role as cell powerhouse mitochondria are key organelles in the processes deciding about cell life or death that are crucial for tumor cell growth and survival, as well as for tumor cell ability to metastasize. Alterations in mitochondrial structure and functions have long been observed in cancer cells, thus targeting mitochondria as an anticancer therapeutic strategy has gained momentum recently. We will review the achievements and perspectives in the elucidation of the molecular basis for developing mitochondrial-targeted compounds as potential anticancer agents with special attention to mitochondrial DNA mutations and mitochondrial dysfunction. Molecules/agents candidate to affect mitochondrial metabolism in cancer cells will be dealt with, with a particular focus on approaches targeting defects in the mitochondrial genome.