Figure S1. IR Spectrum- 3a.

Figure S2. HNMR- 3a.

Figure S3. HNMR- 3a- Expanded.

Figure S4. 13C NMR Spectrum 3a.

Figure S5. 13C NMR Spectrum 3a (Interpreted).

Figure S6. Mass Spectrum 3a.

Figure S7. IR SPECTRUM- 3b.

Figure S8. HNMR- 3b.

Figure S9. HNMR- 3b (expanded).

Figure S10. 13C NMR Spectrum 3b.

Figure S11. 13C NMR Spectrum 3b (Interpreted).

Figure S12. Mass Spectrum – 3b.

Figure S13. IR Spectrum of 3c.

Figure S14. 1H NMR Spectrum of 3c.

Figure S15. 1H NMR Expanded Spectrum of 3c.

Figure S16. 13C NMR Spectrum 3c (Interpreted).

Figure S17. 13C NMR Spectrum 3c.

Figure S18. MASS Spectrum of 3c.

Figure S19. IR SPECTRUM 3d.

Figure S20. HNMR- 3d.

Figure S21. HNMR- 3d- Expanded.

Figure S22. 13C NMR Spectrum 3d (Interpreted).

Figure S23. 13C NMR Spectrum 3d

Figure S24. Mass- 3d.

Figure S25. IR spectrum 3e.

Figure S26. HNMR-3e.

Figure S27. HNMR- 3e -Expanded.

Figure S28. 13C NMR Spectrum 3e (Interpreted).

Figure S29. 13C NMR Spectrum 3e.

Figure S30. Mass- 3e.

Figure S31. IR Spectrum of 3f.

Figure S32. 1H NMR Spectrum of 3f.

Figure S33. 1H NMR Expanded Spectrum of 3f.

Figure S34. 13C NMR Spectrum 3f (Interpreted).

Figure S35. 13C NMR Spectrum 3e.

Figure S36. MASS Spectrum of 3f.

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