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Data S1. Characterization of FPB-pinacol ester.

Data S2. Characterization of FPB.

Figure S1. Positive ion mass spectra of FPB performed by ESI-MS.

Figure S2. (A) RP-HPLC chromatogram of FPB. (B) Comparison between the HPLC chromatograms of FPB and FA.

Figure S3. Effect of BPA and FPB on erythrocytes.

Figure S4. FPB-induced platelet aggregation depends on integrin αIIbβ3 and requires the activation of phospholipase C.

Figure S5. FPB induces aggregation of platelets in autologous plasma.

Figure S6. FPB increases the extent of thrombus formation under flow.

Figure S7. Analysis of megakaryocyte viability and proplatelet production after treatment with boronate compounds.

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