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Scheme 1. Synthesis and characterization of 6A (MIPS-0004239) and 6B (MIPS-0004236)

Figure S1. 1D 1H spectra of wild-type and 5-F-Trp-SPSB2

Figure S2. 1D 19F spectrum of water

Figure S3. Temperature effects on 19F NMR spectra of 5-F-Trp-SPSB2

Figure S4. Effects of urea on 19F NMR spectra of 5-F-Trp-SPSB2

Figure S5. 19F NMR relaxation data (T1 and T2) of 5-F-Trp-SPSB2

Figure S6. 19F NMR relaxation data (T2) of 5-F-Trp-SPSB2 in the presence of iNOS peptide 1

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