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Data S1. Overview.

Table S1. Aggressive and Prosocial Behavior: Coefficients From Regressions Testing the Effects of the Incremental Theory Intervention on Behavioral Responses to a Peer Provocation 1 Month Postintervention.

Table S2. Mean Levels of Behavioral Responses to a Peer Provocation.

Table S3. Reduction in Conduct Problems: Coefficients From OLS Regressions Testing Effects of the Intervention and Victim Status on Number of Teacher Nominations for Reduced Conduct Problems per Student 3 Months Postintervention.

Table S4. Mean Number of Teacher Nominations (from 0 to 2) per Student for Reduced Conduct Problems by Victim Status and Experimental Condition.

Table S5. Depressive Symptoms: Coefficients From OLS Regressions Testing Effects of Incremental and Coping Skills Interventions, and Victim Status, on Depressive Symptoms 2 Weeks Postintervention.

Table S6. Mean Number of Depressive Symptoms Reported (by Victimization Status and Experimental Condition).

Figure S1. Examples of Notes Written to Accompany Hot Sauce Allocation.

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