cea12000-sup-0001-FigureS1.docxWord document35KFigure S1. Quantile-quantile plot comparing the GWAS analysis p-values to those expected under the null hypothesis. Deviations of measures in the tails indicate that both the Childhood analysis and the combined analysis are conservative. This is not surprising, given that the methodology is slightly conservative; however, the top association p-values remain the most promising for further replication. The adult analysis demonstrates deviations in this tail that may indicate true associations with asthma.
cea12000-sup-0002-AppendixS1.docxWord document10KAppendix S1. Individual study detail on genotyping and data cleaning.
cea12000-sup-0006-AppendixS2.docWord document83KAppendix S2. Complete rosters of the members of the SHARP networks.
cea12000-sup-0003-TableS1.docxWord document14KTable S1. Lists the lowest association P-values for the analysis of asthmatic children. None of these findings meet genome-wide significance.
cea12000-sup-0004-TableS2.docxWord document14KTable S2. Lists the top association P-value with the adult asthmatic group.
cea12000-sup-0005-TableS3.docxWord document16KTable S3. Shows the top association P-values from the combined analysis of children and adult asthmatics.

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