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Figure S1. 2D NMR spectra of arginine, methionine and choline which were ambiguous metabolites in 1D NMR spectra.

Figure S2. Spectra of 10 key metabolites. Black lines are original spectra of serum and blue lines indicate spectra of acetate

Figure S3. Permutation test (repeated 30 times) of global (a) and targeted (b) profiling.

Figure S4. ROC curves for training (a) and external validation (b) sets using the PLS-DA model.

Figure S5. Scores plots of PCA of serum metabolites from patients with asthma, depending on treatment (blue dots, treatment group; red squares, non-treatment group) with a history of oral corticosteroid use during asthma exacerbation for 1 year prior to enrollment

Table S1. Chemical shifts and regions used for quantification of serum metabolites.

Table S2. Serum metabolites.

Table S3. LOD and LOQ of ten significant metabolites.

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