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Table S1. Structures and pharmacological profiles of key EP2 and EP4 receptor antagonists utilised in these studies.

Figure S1. Effect of the EP2 receptor antagonist, PF-04852946, on (a) PGE2 and (b) misoprostol. Mast cells were incubated (50 min) without or with PF-04852946 (30 nm) and then without or with PGE2 or misoprostol for 10 min before challenge with anti-IgE (2 µg/mL) for 25 min. Values are expressed as the % inhibition of control histamine release which were 23 ± 4 and 25 ± 5% for (a) and 22 ± 3 and 23 ± 3% for (b). Values are means ± SEM for 5 and 4 experiments for (a) and (b), respectively.

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