cea12155-sup-0001-fE1.tifimage/tif1095KFigure S1. Biacore sensorgrams of Ab10523 binding to bound recombinant FcgRII (H131 variant of CD32a, R131 variant of CD32a and CD32b).
cea12155-sup-0002-fE2.tifimage/tif272KFigure S2. Changes in CD32b and CD32a expression with IL-3.
cea12155-sup-0003-fE3.tifimage/tif246KFigure S3. Profiling resting and stimulated expression of CD32a and CD32b.
cea12155-sup-0004-fE4.tifimage/tif160KFigure S4. Functional consequences of engaging greater levels of CD32b; a comparison of pre and post IL-3 culture.
cea12155-sup-0005-fE5.tifimage/tif129KFigure S5. Histamine release induced by anti-IgE Abs engineered to enhance or ablate binding to CD32b.
cea12155-sup-0006-fE6.tifimage/tif279KFigure S6. Blocking histamine release induced by BPO-HSA with anti-BPO antibodies; a mouse IgG1 anti-BPO Ab or a polyclonal rabbit anti-BPO Ab.
cea12155-sup-0007-fE7.tifimage/tif458KFigure S7. Panel a; absence of CD32b phosphorylation with nonspecific IgG antibodies.
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