cea12235-sup-0001-Fig1.pdfapplication/PDF172KFigure S1. The mean (background subtracted) frequency of antigen-specific IFNγ-secreting T cells before and after treatment with anti-OX40L MAb. PBMC were isolated before (Day 5) and after (Day 112) treatment with placebo or anti-OX40L MAb, and cultured with sensitizing allergen and recall antigen.
cea12235-sup-0002-Fig2.pptxapplication/pptx121KFigure S2. The mean (SEM) number of mDC1 (top panel), mDC2 (middle panel) and pDCs (bottom panel) following treatment with placebo (open bars) and anti-OX40L MAb (solid bars) measured post-treatment Days 55 and 112 (pre-allergen) and 57 and 114 (24 hrs after allergen challenge).
cea12235-sup-0003-SuppInfo.docxWord document53KData S1. Additional methods and results.

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