cea12250-sup-0001-figS1.epsimage/eps1026KFigure S1. Inhibition ELISA experiments were performed with sera from Austrian Fagales allergic individuals. Sera were pre-incubated with either the same antigen which was used for coating (black columns), FPH (grey columns), or FPH4 (white columns), respectively.
cea12250-sup-0002-figS2.epsimage/eps1631KFigure S2. Splenocytes from mice (n = 5 per group) prophylactically treated with the respective antigens or sham were re-stimulated with either parental allergen. Cytokine profiles in supernatants were quantified by FlowCytomix assays.
cea12250-sup-0003-figS3.epsimage/eps800KFigure S3. (a) Eosinophil counts and (b). IL-5 of BAL fluids of prophylactically treated animals (n = 5 per group) were determined by flowcytometry and ELISA, respectively.
cea12250-sup-0004-TableS1.docxWord document19KTable S1. Total IgE measured by EIA (enzyme immunoassay) is presented as IU/L, and specific IgE antibodies determined by ImmunoCAP assays (Thermo Fisher) are presented as kUa/L. Skin prick tests (SPTs) were performed with commercially available extracts and evaluated semi-quantitatively (+ – ≥ 3–<4 mm, ++ – ≥ 4–< 5 mm, +++ – ≥ 5–< 6 mm, ++++ – ≥ 6 mm). F, female; M, male; nd, not determined.

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