Figure S1. Variable influence on projection (VIP) plots. The VIP plots display the VIP values as a column plot sorted in descending order with confidence intervals derived from jack knifing. VIP summarizing the importance of the X-variables that contribute most (positively or negatively) to sensitization, i.e. specific IgE to food and/or inhalant allergens, at (a) 18 and (b) 36 months of age.

Figure S2. (A and B) OPLS-DA loadings column plot depicting the associations between sensitization, that is, specific IgE to food and/or inhalant allergens, at (A) 18 and (B) 36 months of age and X-variables, including CD4+ T cells that are FOXP3+CD25+, CTLA-4+CD25+, CD45RO+, HLA-DR+, CCR4+ or α4β7+ at birth, 3–5 days, and 1, 4, 18 and 36 months of age. Measurements of PHA-induced cytokine production by mononuclear cells at 4, 18 and 36 months and OVA- and birch allergen-extract induced cytokine production at 36 months of age were also included in the analyses. For allergy at 18 months, immune parameters measured at 36 months were not included. X-variables with bars projected in the same direction as allergy are positively associated, whereas parameters in the opposite direction are inversely related to allergy at this age. The larger the bar and smaller the error bar, the stronger and more certain is the contribution to the model. The OPLS-DA loadings column plots are based on X-variables with VIP values ≥ (A) 0.8, (B) 1.0 R2Y indicates how well the variation of Y is explained, while Q2 indicates how well Y can be predicted. R2Y: (A) = 0.22, (B) = 0.43. Q2: (A) = 0.17, (B) = 0.29. (C–D) The proportion of FOXP3+CD25+ cells within the CD4+ T cell population among children who are sensitized or not at (C) 18 or (D) 36 months of age. Each dot represents an individual, and horizontal bars indicate median value. Statistical differences between the groups were calculated using two-tailed Mann–Whitney U -test.  0.05 was regarded as significant (***≤ 0.001).

cea12290-sup-0002-TableS1.docxWord document19KTable S1. Cytokine production by mononuclear cells upon in vitro stimulation with PHA, birch allergen extract or ovalbumin at 4, 18 or 36 months of age. Data represent the median value and the range is shown in brackets.

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