Figure S1. Analysis of purified myeloid DCs and T cells.

Figure S2. Expression of ICOSL and PD-L1 in freshly isolated and in cultured mDCs.

Figure S3. mDC viability in culture, upon LPS stimulation.

Figure S4. Expression of B7 co-stimulatory molecules in LPS-activated mDCs.

Figure S5. Expression of ILT3, ILT4 and OX40L in mDCs from allergic rhinitis patients and controls.

Figure S6. Expression of ICOSL and PD-L1 in LPS-activated mDCs.

Figure S7. Cytokine production in co-cultures at different mDC and CD4+ T cell ratios.

Figure S8. Cytokine production by LPS-activated mDCs.

Figure S9. Expression of ICOSL and PD-L1 of mDCs in presence of TSLP.

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