Fig. S1. C57BL/6 mice (n = 4/group) were injected by the intratracheal route with 1010 particle units (pu) of AdC7OprF and AdC7OprF.RGD. Naïve mice were used as control. After 7 days, mice were sacrificed and lungs were collected. Positively selected CD4 and CD8 T cells were co-cultured with splenic DC pulsed with purified recombinant OprF for 24 h in triplicates. Cytokine secretion was evaluated in CD4 T cells for (A) IL-4, (B) IL-5, (C) IL-12, and (D) IL-17, and in CD8 T cells for (E) IFN-γ. Values are presented as percentage positive events compared to overall responsiveness induced by PMA.

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