Fig. S1. Far Western blot between Neisseria complement factor H binding protein (fHbp) and complement factor H (CFH). fHbp protein (a gift from Professor Chris Tang, University of Oxford, UK) was loaded into the gel, transferred to a membrane which was then incubated with human CFH (lane 1, 5 μg/ml; Quidel, San Diego, CA, USA) or buffer (lanes 2 and 3). The interaction between gel-immobilized fhbp and the added CFH was detected using an anti-human CFH antibody (lane 1, antibody obtained from Quidel). Gel-immobilized fHbp was visualized using an anti-fHbp (lane 2, antibody a gift from Professor Chris Tang, University of Oxford, UK). The anti-human CFH antibody did not recognize gel-immobilized fhbp in the absence of CFH (lane 3).

Table S1. Primer sequences used in custom genotyping assays.


Table S2. Relationship of complement gene polymorphisms between Dengue infection and controls.

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