A single injection of kisspeptin-54 temporarily increases luteinizing hormone pulsatility in healthy women


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Kisspeptin is a novel hypothalamic peptide which stimulates endogenous gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GnRH) secretion. A single subcutaneous bolus injection of kisspeptin-54 increases circulating luteinizing hormone (LH) levels in women, but its acute effects on LH pulsatility are not known.


To investigate the effects of a single subcutaneous (sc) injection of kisspeptin-54 administration on LH pulsatility in healthy female volunteers.


Six healthy female adult volunteers underwent 10-minute blood sampling for serum LH measurement for 8 h during the follicular phase of menstrual cycle. Sc bolus injection of saline or kisspeptin-54 (0·15, 0·30 or 0·60 nmol/kg) was administered 4 h after commencing the study. A previously described, blinded deconvolution method was used to detect LH pulses.


Mean number of LH pulses was increased significantly following 0·30 and 0·60 nmol/kg kisspeptin-54 when compared with saline (mean increase in number of LH pulses per 4 h, following injection: −0·17 ± 0·54, saline; +2·33 ± 0·56, 0·30 nmol/kg kisspeptin-54, P < 0·05 vs saline; +2·33 ± 0·80, 0·60 nmol/kg kisspeptin-54, P < 0·05 vs saline). LH pulse secretory mass increased following injection of 0·60 nmol/kg in five of six subjects, but the mean change in all subjects was non-significant when compared with saline (mean increase in pulse secretory mass in IU/l following injection: +0·35 ± 0·40, saline; +2·61 ± 1·17, 0·60 nmol/kg kisspeptin-54, P = 0·10 vs saline).


A single injection of kisspeptin-54 temporarily stimulates the number of LH pulses in healthy women. Further studies are required to investigate the therapeutic potential of kisspeptin-54 injection to restore LH pulsatility in patients with reproductive disorders caused by impaired GnRH secretion.