cge12205-sup-0001-FigureS1.pdfPDF document971KFig. S1: (a–c) 3D computed tomography (CT) skull showing craniosynostosis in coronal, sagittal and lambdoid sutures, respectively. (d) Post-surgical repair.
cge12205-sup-0002-FigureS2.pdfPDF document715KFig. S2: (a) AP view of the chest X-ray for Patient 1 at 14 years of age showing slender ribs, hooked clavicles (solid arrows) and hyoplastic glenoid fossa (dashed arrow). (b) Hypoplastic dislocated radial head and humeral shaft fracture. (c, d) AP and lateral right foot X-ray showing hallux valgus deformity, long metatarsal bones with deformity with diffuse osteoporotic changes. (e) Left patellar dislocation.
cge12205-sup-0003-FigureS3.pdfPDF document420KFig. S3: Identification of two novel mutations in SCARF2 (indicated by red and green triangles) in addition to the three previously reported ones (indicated by black arrows), all shown at the gene and protein level. Note the very strong conservation of the Cys64 residue that is mutated in the first family.

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