• ethics;
  • gender selection;
  • governance;
  • pre-implantation genetic testing;
  • regulation

To create a diagnostic document describing the utilization of pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) in the absence of monitoring and regulation. Retrospective cohort study of couples undergoing PGT between 2004 and 2007 in Lebanon. The clinical indications for 192 PGT cycles performed during the study period were gender selection (96.3%), chromosomal aneuploidy (3.1%), and balanced translocation (0.5%). When gender selection was sought, the selection of a son was desired in 94.1% of cases. Of couples undergoing PGT for sex selection, 16.2% were childless, 8.6% had one child of the opposite gender, 28.1% had two same-gender children, 29.7% had three same-gender children, and 11.9% had four or more. Our findings demonstrate the morally questionable consequences of self-regulated systems in which physicians are the sole gatekeepers of norms and ethics.