cge12292-sup-0001-FigureS1.pptPowerPoint presentation647KFigure S1. Nucleotide sequences of intron A and exon 8. Isolated sections of electropherograms are shown. Deduced nucleotide sequences and GRHPR codons are shown above each panel. All electropherograms show forward sequence. (a) Control, patient 1, and parents of patient 1; (b) Patient 2 and parents of patient 2; (c) Patients 4 and 5 and their parents. Arrows, affected nucleotide(s); underlining, the first nucleotides of intron H.
cge12292-sup-0002-FigureS2.pptPowerPoint presentation268KFigure S2. Allele discrimination plot of c.864_865delTG (2a) and rs35891798 (2b) is shown. Blue dots indicate homozygous wild type of c.864_865delTG (2a). Green and red dots indicate heterozygous and mutant homozygous case, respectively (2b).

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