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  1. Perceptual Metrics for Static and Dynamic Triangle Meshes Volume 32, Issue 1, 101–125, Article first published online: 15 January 2013

Corsini, M., Larabi, M. C., Lavoué, G., Petřík, O., Váša, L. and Wang, K. (2013) Perceptual Metrics for Static and Dynamic Triangle Meshes. Computer Graphics Forum, 32(1): 101125. doi: 10.1111/cgf.12001

Errors were printed in Table 3 of the above paper. The corrected table is printed below:

Table 3. Spearman and Pearson correlation (%) between Mean Opinion Scores and values from the metrics for the four publicly-available subjective databases. These data have been synthesised from [LC10] [Lav11] [VR12] [WTM12]. The correlations are computed for whole databases, with the exception of the compression database, where per-model averages were used, since the data acquiring procedure does not capture inter-model relations
 General PurposeMaskingSimplificationCompression
GL1 [KG00]33.135.542.039.6N/AN/A66.970.6
GL2 [SCOT03]39.342.440.138.3N/AN/A73.976.1
SF [BHM09]
3DWPM1 [CDGEB07]69.361.829.431.9N/AN/A81.984.1
3DWPM2 [CDGEB07]49.049.637.442.7N/AN/A80.982.3
MSDM [LDD*06]73.975.065.269.2N/AN/A83.191.5
MSDM2 [Lav11]80.481.489.687.386.789.278.089.3
FMPD [WTM12]81.983.580.280.887.289.381.888.8
DAME [VR12]76.675.268.158.6N/AN/A85.693.5