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Dynamic Maps for Exploring and Browsing Shapes



Large datasets of 3D objects require an intuitive way to browse and quickly explore shapes from the collection. We present a dynamic map of shapes where similar shapes are placed next to each other. Similarity between 3D models exists in a high dimensional space which cannot be accurately expressed in a two dimensional map. We solve this discrepancy by providing a local map with pan capabilities and a user interface that resembles an online experience of navigating through geographical maps. As the user navigates through the map, new shapes appear which correspond to the specific navigation tendencies and interests of the user, while maintaining a continuous browsing experience. In contrast with state of the art methods which typically reduce the search space by selecting constraints or employing relevance feedback, our method enables exploration of large sets without constraining the search space, allowing the user greater creativity and serendipity. A user study evaluation showed a strong preference of users for our method over a standard relevance feedback method.