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Design and Fabrication of Faceted Mirror Arrays for Light Field Capture



The high resolution of digital cameras has made single-shot, single-sensor acquisition of light fields feasible, though considerable design effort is still necessary in order to construct the necessary collection of optical elements for particular acquisition scenarios. This paper explores a pipeline for designing, fabricating and utilizing faceted mirror arrays which simplifies this task. The foundation of the pipeline is an interactive tool that automatically optimizes for mirror designs while exposing to the user a set of intuitive parameters for light field quality and manufacturing constraints. We investigate two manufacturing processes for automatic fabrication of the resulting designs: one is based on CNC milling, polishing, and plating of one solid work piece, while the other involves assembly of CNC-cut mirror facets. We demonstrate results for refocusing in a macro photography scenario. In addition, we observe that traditional photographic parameters take novel roles in the faceted mirror array setup and discuss their influence.