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Ontology-based model for Chinese Calligraphy Synthesis



There are lots of digitized Chinese calligraphic works written by ancient calligraphists in CADAL. Sometimes users want to generate a tablet or a piece of calligraphic work written by these calligraphists. However, some characters had not been written by them or though were ever written but are hard to read because of long time weathering. Furthermore, different works of the same calligraphist may have diverse styles. It is a great challenge to generate a new calligraphic character with particular style. In this paper, we present a novel approach to synthesize regular script calligraphic characters in the style of some specific calligraphic works. Our approach first processes original calligraphic resources by multi-level segmentation. Then, a domain ontology is established to supervise basic resources and to provide significant support for calligraphy synthesis. Finally, a novel algorithm is proposed to synthesize new calligraphic characters. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method by showing various synthesized results in the style of different calligraphic works of Liu Gongquan.

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