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Continuous Self-Collision Detection for Deformable Surfaces Interacting with Solid Models



In this paper, we propose a new continuous self-collision detection (CSCD) method for a deformable surface that interacts with a simple solid model. The method is developed based on the radial-view-based culling method. Our method is suitable for the deformable surface that has large contact region with the solid model. The deformable surface may consist of small round-shaped holes. At the pre-processing stage, the holes of the deformable surface are filled with ghost triangles so as to make the mesh of the deformable surface watertight. An observer primitive (i.e. a point or a line segment) is computed so that it lies inside the solid model. At the runtime stage, the orientations of triangles with respect to the observer primitive are evaluated. The collision status of the deformable surface is then determined. We evaluated our method for several animations including virtual garments. Experimental results show that our method improves the process of CSCD.