Real-Time Modelling of Fibrous Muscle



Relatively recently it has become apparent that providing human kind with a better healthcare requires personalized, predictive and integrative medicine, for which the building of virtual physiological human (VPH) framework accessible via virtual patient avatar is necessary. Real-time modelling and visual exploration of such a complex avatar is a challenging task. In this paper, we propose a real-time method for automatic modelling of an arbitrarily large number of muscle fibres in the volume of a muscle represented by its surface mesh. The method is based on an iterative morphing of predefined fibres template into the muscle volume exploiting harmonic scalar field computed on the surface of muscle. Experiments with muscles of thighs and pelvis show that the method produces realistic shapes of fibres. Our sequential VTK-based C++ implementation is capable of producing 64 fine fibres within a muscle of 10K triangles in less than 170 ms on commodity hardware making the method suitable for VPH purposes as well as for interactive educational medical software.