Movie S1. Fluorescently labelled nucleocapsids (red) within the nucleus. PrV capsids were labelled by fusion of autofluorescent mCherry protein with the non-essential pUL35 decorating the hexons of the capsid. The nuclear envelope was labelled by expression of a fusion protein of GFP and LAP2β which was constitutively and stably expressed in the constructed transgenic rabbit kidney (RK13) cell line. Confocal time lapse images of one z-slice were taken with a Leica TCS SP5 microscope. Time intervals are indicated. Scale bar = 2 μm.


Movie S2. Fluorescently mCherry-labelled nucleocapsid (red) presumably exiting from the nuclear envelope of a RK13 cell labelled by stable, transgenic expression of EGFP–lamin B1. Left: Live-cell images taken with a Leica TCS SP5 microscope. Maximum intensity projection of five z-slices (503.54 nm). Right: 3D reconstruction of lower left part at different angle to improve visibility of the exiting particle. See particle exiting at lower left.


Movie S3. Electron micrographs from Fig. 2 have been arranged and animated so that the proposed pathway can be visualized. Artificial animation has been chosen to give a visual impression of the proposed egress pathway but does not represent ‘time lapse’ live video photography.

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