Fig. S1. Subcellular localization of eEF2 and SV C protein in mock and SV-infected BHK cells. BHK cells were seeded on glass coverslips and mock-infected or infected with SV (5 pfu per cell). At 3.5 or 6.5 hpi, cells were treated for 90 min with 0.5 μM hipp or left untreated. At 5 or 8 hpi, cells were fixed, permeabilized and processed for immunofluorescence using anti-eEF2 (red) and anti-SV C protein (cyan) respectively. Images were acquired on a confocal microscope and subsequently processed with Huygens 4.1 software. Merged images represent the dual visualization of eEF2 and C.


Fig. S2.In vitro translation of SV mRNAs in RRL. Effect of hipp treatment. One hundred nanograms of sgmRNA C+luc or gmRNA SV-Luc mRNAs synthesized in vitro by T7 RNA polymerase were added to RRL in the presence of different concentrations of hipp (0, 0.8 and 1.6 μM) and incubated for 90 min at 30°C. Luc synthesis was estimated by measuring luc activity. The percentage values of hipp-treated samples relative to their respective untreated samples are represented in the figure and are the mean ± SD of three representative experiments performed in triplicate.


Table S1. Nomenclature of plasmids, replicons, sgmRNAs and mRNAs.

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