Fig. S1. Phenotypic characterization of primary hAMs. Following alveolar lavage of lungs post-mortem, cells were allowed to adhere to tissue culture plates for 2 h, then washed vigorously to remove non-adherent, non-macrophage cells. Adherent cells were processed for immunofluorescence microscopy and immunoblot using the macrophage-specific markers CD11/18b, CD14 and CD68. Arrowheads indicate non-macrophage cells. Greater than 90% of adherent cells were positive for all three markers by microscopy, indicating a high percentage of hAMs were present in lavage samples. hAMs also produced similar levels of CD14 and CD68 to THP-1 cells (immunoblot) and this macrophage marker was not detectable in HeLa cells (epithelial).

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