Fig. S1. GC inoculation disrupts the continuous apical junction location of ZO-1 and occludin in polarized T84 cells. Polarized T84 cells were incubated with media only (a) or GC (b–c) in the apical compartment for 6 h. Cells were stained for ZO-1 or occludin and GC and analysed using confocal microscopy. Shown are representative images of ZO-1 (A) and occludin (B) and their fluorescence intensity profiles (d–e). Cells with disrupted ZO-1 (C) and occludin (D) peripheral staining were quantified by visual inspection, and the average percentages (± SD) from three independent experiments are shown. Scale bar, 10 μm. **P ≤ 0.01.

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