cmi12130-sup-0001-Movie S1.mov6037K

Supplemental Movies S1–S4: Time-lapse analysis of neutrophil lysis and bacterial outgrowth. Analysis of neutrophil phagocytosis of CA-MRSA strain MW2 by time lapse fluorescence microscopy. Neutrophils were incubated with strain MW2, which constitutively expresses GFP (MW2-GFP) for 30 min, in the presence of human serum (phagocytosis, Movie S1), or absence of opsonin (Buffer, Movie S2), or serum with addition of cytochalasin D (Movie S3), or heat-inactivated serum together with pre-incubation of neutrophils with FLIPR-Like (FcγR-inhibitor) (Movie S4). Representative time series out of three independent experiments is shown. Brightfield (grey), GFP (green) and PI (red) channels are combined.

cmi12130-sup-0002-Movie S2.mov6502K

cmi12130-sup-0003-Movie S3.mov6351K

cmi12130-sup-0004-Movie S4.mov5833K

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