Fig. S1. Colonization over time for X. nematophila and X. szentirmaii that do and do not carry SR1. Each graph displays the percent of the population at each time point that was (solid) or was not (hatched) colonized for each colonization site for a representative experiment with three replicates per experiment. Bar height is the sum of nematodes in all replicates over the total number of nematodes in the replicate.

A. X. nematophila SR1+ (wild type), from Fig. 3G.

B. X. nematophila SR1−.

C. X. szentirmaii SR1+.

D. X. szentirmaii SR1− (wild type).

Abbreviations: adult AIC (aAIC), juvenile AIC (jAIC), constricted intestine (const).


Movie S1. A 3D model of a PIV, constructed from a series of sequential confocal micrographs. This movie shows regions devoid of f-actin staining that link the PIV with the intestinal lumen.


Movie S2. The series of sequential confocal micrographs used to create Movie S1, prior to 3D reconstruction. This movie allows visualization at different focal planes of the sample.

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