Movie S1. Time series of the internalization of R18-labelled HCVpp (red) in eGFP-CCP (green) in the absence of silibinin, monitored by live-cell fluorescent spinning disk confocal microscopy. Movies are 2D time series acquired through sequential RFP/eGFP exposures at 200–400 ms every 800 ms. Bar, 1 μm.


Movie S2. Similar as in Movie S1 in the presence of 80 μM silibinin. Bar, 1 μm.


Movie S3. Time series of the trafficking of R18-labelled HCVpp (red) in eGFP-Rab5-positive endosomes (green) in the absence of silibinin, monitored as described for movie S1. Bar, 1 μm.


Movie S4. Similar as in Movie S3 in the presence of 80 μM silibinin. Bar, 1 μm.


Movies S5, S6 and S7. Effect of silibinin on the dynamics of CCV formation. Time series comparing CCV formation dynamics in BSC1 cells in the absence or presence of silibinin. BSC1 cells were mock-treated or SbN-treated for various times. Movies S5, S6 and S7, cells mock-treated, pre-treated with silibinin 10 min and 25 min respectively. Movies are 2D-time series acquired for 100 frames at 2 s intervals obtained by spinning-disk confocal microscopy and using 50 ms exposure times.

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