Experimental procedures


Fig. S1. Eap expression in S. aureus Newman and S. aureus Newman ΔEap cultured overnight. S. aureus Newman and Newman ΔEap were grown ON as described in Experimental procedures. Expression of Eap protein bound to staphylococcal surface was determined using ELISA (A) and SDS-PAGE (lane 1 – molecular weight marker; lane 2 – S. aureus Newman; lane 3 – S. aureus Newman ΔEap) (B) as described in Supplementary materials and methods. Data show mean ± SEM (n ≥ 3).


Fig. S2. Effect of phagocytosis inhibition with cytochalasin D on S. aureus SH1000 infections. Human monocytes were pre-treated with cytochalasin D (1 μg ml−1) for 30 min and subsequently infected with opsonized S. aureus SH1000 as described in Experimental procedures. Cell lysates were prepared for mRNA analysis using RT-PCR. To normalize data the effects on monocytes infected with opsonized S. aureus SH1000 were set to 100% and the effects on monocytes pre-treated with cytochalasin D infected with bacteria were expressed with reference to this value. Data show mean ± SEM (n ≥ 3).

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