Fig. S1. FPPS appears not involved in the antiviral activity of viperin against TBEV.

A. Virus RNA from VeroB4 cells treated with different concentrations (0–10 μM) of the FPPS inhibitor Ibandronate at 3 or 6 h before TBEV infection.

B. Effect of Tet-inducible overexpression of FPPS in FLP-IN T Rex cells on viperin. Tet-induced cells were transiently transfected with cDNA constructs expressing viperin or the negative control ΔMx, incubated for 24 h, and then infected with TBEV at an moi of 0.1. FPPS induction was visualized by Western blot analysis (inset). Tet-inducible overexpression of CAT in FLP-IN T Rex cells served as negative control. Mean values and standard deviations from three independent experiments are shown.

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