Thank you to our Reviewers

Cellular Microbiology is very thankful to the reviewers who guarantee the high standard of the work that is published and so strongly influence the impact of the journal in the field of host-pathogen interactions. We would like to thank the following people who have shown a particularly high level of commitment by accepting to handle multiple papers and providing rapid review over the past year.

  • Steffen Backert
  • Antonio Barragan
  • John Brumell
  • Carmen Buchrieser
  • Christoph Dehio
  • Ronald Flannagan
  • Michael Glogauer
  • Urs Greber
  • Max Gutierrez
  • Ted Hackstadt
  • Hubert Hilbi
  • Kevin Hybiske
  • Keith Ireton
  • Warren Lee
  • Klaus Lingelbach
  • Cesare Montecucco
  • Oliver Neyrolles
  • Jack Nunberg
  • Craig Roy
  • Mario Schelhaas
  • Bill Shafer