cmi12250-sup-0001-fig_s1.tif484KFig. S1. Schematic representation of NHBA (strain MC58). The light and dark grey boxes represent the leader peptide and the arginine-rich region respectively. NalP and hLf cleavage sites are shown as well as the two fragments generated following the cleavage; the molecular weight of C1 is 21 kDa and that of C2 is 22 kDa.
cmi12250-sup-0002-fig_s2.tif1266KFig. S2. C2 administration does not affect cell viability. HBMECs were grown to confluence before being exposed to 5 μM C2 or saline (control). After 45 min the Annexin-V assay was performed following the manufacturer's instructions. Viability was determined by flow cytometry and expressed as percentage of Annexin-V-negative cells. Data represent mean ± SD of 5 independent experiments.
cmi12250-sup-0003-fig_s3.tif8141KFig. S3. C2, but not C1, accumulates in mitochondria. HBMECs, exposed to 5 μM C1 or C2 for 45 min, were processed for immunofluorescence, using as primary antibodies anti-C1 and anti-C2 mouse polyclonal antibodies (green staining); mitochondria were revealed by a polyclonal antibody, anti-TOM20 (red staining).

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