Fig. S1. Stx2 is the main toxin type released during infection with EDL933. Undiluted apical supernatants (SN ud) or supernatants diluted 1:10 (SN 1:10) from EDL933-infected T84 cells were incubated with anti-Stx1, anti-Stx2 or medium control (no Ab) before Vero cells were added. Vero cell cytotoxicity is evident in SN samples without antibodies and with anti-Stx1 but not with anti-Stx2.


Fig. S2. Correlation of Stx2 concentrations determined by ELISA and VCCA. Polarized T84 cells were infected for 5 h under AE (■) or MA (□) conditions. Stx2 levels in apical supernatants were quantified by sandwich ELISA or VCCA. Data are shown as means ± SEM from three independent experiments performed in duplicate.

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