Table S1. Sequences of primers used in this study.

Fig. S1.B. mori larvae phenotype analysis upon knockdown of seroins, 4 days post dsRNA administration. Knockdown of both seroins resulted in stunted growth as well as marked difference in the appearance of larvae, in uninfected (A) and in BmNPV infected larvae (B).

Fig. S2. RT-PCR based expression analysis of seroins in different tissues of B. mori. 18S rRNA was used as an endogenous control.

Fig. S3. BmNPV infectivity reduced upon BmNPV's budded virion incubation with seroin proteins.

A. BmNPV load determined by estimating amount of viral DNA by qPCR using ie1 specific primers, a BmNPV early gene.

B. Viral OB numbers significantly reduced upon incubation of BVs prior to infection. For qPCR analysis, three independent experiments were carried out in three replicates each with a set of 3 larvae, and the results were normalized against endogenous 18S rRNA. Data are presented as Mean ± SD (n = 3).

Fig. S4. Integrity analysis of recombinant Seroin1 and Seroin2 proteins after purification, performed on 15% SDS-PAGE.

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