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cobi12084-sup-0001-suppmat.doc2046KMathematical equations for dimensional analysis of aboveground biomass for 4 shrubs and 2 large herbs (Appendix S1); soil nutrient contents (Appendix S2); abundance, cover, and height of total species, small herbs, and E. songoricum (Appendix S3); eigenvalues and intraset correlations of environmental factors on the first 2 CCA axes (Appendix S4); pearson correlation coefficients between soil nutrients and quantitative characteristics (Appendix S5); data on E. songoricum populations and individuals (Appendix S6); soil water contents (Appendix S7); results of DCA ordination (Appendix S8); species diversity (Appendix S9); and mean distance among clonal individuals (ramets) in AS and BS plots (Appendix S10) are available. The authors are responsible for the content and functionality of these materials. Queries (other than absence of the material) should be directed to the corresponding author.

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