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cobi12088-sup-0001-supmat.doc180KData-collection details, comparisons of presence–absence versus abundance-weighted data, and floristic and landscape context of the study-area rainforest (Appendix S1); spatial and environmental variables of study area (Appendix S2); trait compilation details and trait gradient analysis methods (Appendix S3); taxonomic distinctness of patches for climbing species (Appendix S4); list of widely dispersed free-standing (tree) taxa (Appendix S5); tree-persistence discussion (Appendix S6); correlation values for patch size and richness by taxonomic and functional indices (Appendix S7); regression equations for relations of patch size and richness to functional diversity, niche breadth, and life forms and means and standard deviations for selected traits and indices (Appendix S8); and additional literature (Appendix S9) are available online. The authors are solely responsible for the content and functionality of these materials. Queries (other than absence of the material) should be directed to the corresponding author.

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