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cobi12257-sup-0001-SuppMat.pdf502KA table of environmental variables used in the MaxEnt models (Appendix S1), results of the MaxEnt models for each species (Appendix S2), operational definitions of the social values and development preferences used in the PPGIS study (Appendix S3), description of 3 additional prioritization scenarios analyzed (Appendix S4), plot showing proportion of overlapping cells in pairwise comparisons of Zonation solutions at different landscape thresholds (Appendix S5), spatial prioritizations for 3 additional scenarios (Appendix S6), and replacement cost curves for 3 additional scenarios (Appendix S7) are available on-line. The authors are solely responsible for the content and functionality of these materials. Queries (other than absence of the material) should be directed to the corresponding author.

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