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cobi12304-sup-0001-SupMat.docx946KKeywords used to search relevant literature in different search engines (Appendix S1), global distribution of studies included in the meta-analysis (Appendix S2), publications selected to include in the meta-analysis (Appendix S3), references and effect sizes extracted from articles (Appendix S4), size of largest and smallest fragments considered in studies in the meta-analysis (Appendix S5); transformation equations (Appendix S6), plant species included in the meta-analysis (Appendices S6 & S7), references for seed size and breeding systems (Appendix S8), and variation in effect sizes in forest plots associated with plot size and edge effects (Appendices 9 & 10) are available online. The authors are solely responsible for the content and functionality of these materials. Queries (other than absence of the material) should be directed to the corresponding author.

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