• Surgery;
  • extraperitoneal;
  • right colon cancer;
  • locally advanced


Aim  Optimal colon cancer surgery correlates with a reduction in recurrence rate and improved overall prognosis. This technical note describes the extraperitoneal approach for locally advanced right colon cancer.

Method  The retroperitoneal technique, mainly used in pseudomyxoma peritonei resectional surgery, is described in three surgical steps and it is compared with existing surgical approaches for right colon cancer.

Results  This approach has the advantages of early entry in the retroperitoneal plane well away from the tumour, early recognition and protection of the ureter and minimal manipulation of the tumour-bearing right colon.

Conclusion  Extraperitoneal resection of the right colon for locally advanced colon cancer is technically feasible, safe and achieves tumour-free retroperitoneal margins.