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Spacing Practices: The Communicative Configuration of Organizing Through Space-Times


Corresponding author: Consuelo Vásquez; e-mail:


This article pursues the constitutive premise of communication line of inquiry; using a space-time perspective to examine the ways that communication is constitutive of organization. Articulating a Communicative Constitution of Organizing approach with postmodern geography theories, it proposes a concept of space as an ongoing construct of multiple and heterogeneous sociomaterial interrelations. This results in an unfolding vision of organization, constructed through communication as an extended configuring of space-times. The article reflects on the spacing practices through which agents of a Chilean science and technology diffusion program “space” their organization. This focus allows us to specify the constitutive role of communication in (a) materializing organization, (b) distributing actors in space and time, and (c) creating a sense of coherence.