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Table S1. Distribution of land cover classes within different oil palm sectorial boundaries in 2010. Figures under Total Area (raster) are slightly higher that Total Area (vector) as a result of a vector to raster conversion.

Table S2. Carbon content values for above- and below-ground biomass for different land cover classes. Values in parentheses represent a 60% biomass loss when forest classes have been logged and/or degraded and were used in calculating gross carbon emissions from forest cover losses.

Table S3. Peat soil carbon estimates used to calculate carbon emissions from peat burning and peat oxidation.

Figure S1. Land cover class large-scale palm plantation which lie outside the oil palm sectorial boundaries are largely located along the North East (Inset A) and Central East side (Inset B) of Sumatra. They fall within the administrative districts of Asahan, Labuhan Batu, and Simalungan in North Sumatra, Indragiri Hilir from Riau, and Tanjung Jabung Barat and Tanjung Jabung Timur from Jambi.

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