DCE-MRI findings of invasive aspergillosis in patient with acute myeloid leukemia


  • Authorship and contributorship

    Ömer Araz, study design

    Adem Karaman, data collection and analysis

    Elif Yılmazel Ucar, data collection

    Yusuf Bilen, data collection

    Irmak Durur Subası, writing of the manuscript

  • Ethics

    The study protocol was approved by the Ataturk University School of Medicine local ethics committee.

  • Conflict of interest

    The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest to the publication of this article.


Thoracic radiography and high resolution computerized tomography is used to diagnose pulmonary infections in immunosuppressed patients, although in some cases these do not provide enough information about the lesion. Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging may be useful in these cases, especially for the characterization of cavitary lesions and assessment of their contrast diffusion.