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Need for a research ethics remediation program


Sir, the recent report on need for a research ethics remediation program is very interesting.[1] Dubois et al. studied the existing problems and concluded that “The most common forms of wrongdoing were violations of procedure, informed consent, research integrity (fabrication, falsification, plagiarism), privacy, and conflict of interest policies.”[1] It can be seen that there are many problems to be managed. The ethics remediation program might be a useful tool for management. As Dubois et al. mentioned, this problem is a focused interest of the research integrity officer and institutional review board.[1] However, the question is on the effectiveness of such a program.[2, 3] According to the idea of Shore, both sanctions and remediation for misconduct should be parallel.[3] For the remediation, both researches and institution should be focused.[3] In fact, it is no doubt that the program can have some advantages for practitioners. Nevertheless, early implementation might be more useful.[4]