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Community Engagement Strategies in the Original and Renewal Applications for CTSA Grant Funding




The Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program has highlighted community engagement in research by requiring institutions to develop bidirectional relationships with communities to obtain funding. Little is known about how institutions have operationalized that requirement. This study aimed to describe the strategies proposed by the first institutions to receive CTSA funding and to undergo the CTSA renewal process.


The authors conducted a qualitative document analysis of the community engagement section of 12 original and 10 renewal grant applications of the 12 institutions awarded CTSA funding in 2006 and renewed in 2010.


Institutions employed - and research engagement strategies. Capacity-building strategies included education, pilot grants, connecting potential partners, and community research centers. Research engagement strategies ranged from those that allowed for very little input from communities, such as announcements, to those that allowed for a high amount of input from communities, such as community-researcher teams.


CTSA funding has supported capacity-building for institutions and communities to partner. Engagement strategies employed by the institutions are largely known from prior community-engaged research. Based on the grants from these institutions, the CTSA funding has largely enabled institutions to develop capacity to engage.