• cutaneous B-cell lymphoma;
  • cutaneous spindle-cell lymphoma;
  • hilar cholangiocarcinoma;
  • Klatskin mimicking tumor

Primary cutaneous follicle center lymphoma (pcFCL) is an indolent type of primary cutaneous B-cell lymphoma (pcBCL) rarely disseminating to other organs. PcBCL with spindle-cell morphology has been described as a rare variant of pcFCL but the prognosis data of this variant is sparse.

We report a rare case of spindle-cell pcFCL with CD20+, CD79a+, CD3+, Bcl-6+, Mum-1 and CD10tumor cells that infiltrated the hepatic hilum, mimicking a Klatskin tumor.

On the basis of the sparse published data on spindle-cell morphology of pcBCL, this growth pattern should elicit awareness of an increased risk of systemic involvement in the otherwise indolent pcFCL.