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Eccrine squamous syringometaplasia secondary to cutaneous extravasation of docetaxel: report of three cases


Elena Gallo

Department of Dermatology, Hospital

Universitario La Princesa, C/ Diego de León 62,

CP: 28006, Madrid, Spain

Tel: +34 915 202 200

Fax: +34 915 202 200



Eccrine squamous syringometaplasia is characterized by the metaplasia of cuboidal epithelial cells of the eccrine sweat ducts into squamous epithelial cells. It has been associated with several conditions including chemotherapy-related bilateral dermatitis, an entity that can take place in body areas rich in eccrine glands, as well as in acral erythema related to chemotherapy. Only a few cases because of cutaneous extravasation of chemotherapy have been previously reported. We report three cases of eccrine squamous syringometaplasia secondary to extravasation of docetaxel.